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Dr Bilquis Clinic

dr bilquis clinic

Dr. Bilquis is a homeopathic doctor and herbalist in Karachi. She is well-known for using natural and holistic practices to manage and cure various health conditions. Dr. Bilquis Sheikh is an internationally recognized herbalist. Her clinic is considered one of the most successful in the world for treating natural health conditions. Dr. Bilquis Clinic has treated thousands of patients with natural means of treatment over the last two decades and has also created several products that are available on Amazon, eBay, and other international sellers.

Dr. Bilquis Homeopathic doctor specializes in providing natural remedies that are based on homeopathy or holistic treatment rather than conventional medication to patients who need relief from illness or disease.  Dr. Bilquis Clinic is one of the most successful clinics in the world with thousands of patients treated by Dr. Bilquis over her 13-year career.  The clinic offers natural homeopathic, herbal, and plant-based treatment options for all types of ailments. Dr. Bilquis also specializes in women’s health, infertility treatments, pregnancy support, weight management, and nutrition advice.

Gulshan Clinic: Suite # 118, First Floor, Mashirq Center, Block 14, Near Civic Center Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi.

For Appointment: Distributor / Anis, For Quick Response Please Connect Call/WhatsApp: 0334-3480107, 0316- 1149050

The Treatments We Offer:

Treatments that we offer treatments that are based on natural ingredients.  Treatments we do Dr. Bilquis clinic offers a range of treatments that can be customized to suit your needs. They also offer an online health coaching service, offering advice on how to balance your routine with what you need for your body type.  “Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scars, Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Spasm, Migraine, Sinus, Melisma, Freckles, Pigmentation, Joints Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Infertility, Hormonal Imbalance, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Eczema, Psoriasis, Whitening, Tightening, & Glowing are some of the ailments that are cured at Dr, Bilquis clinic. Dr. Bilquis Clinic is characterized by having products that are both herbal and homeopathic.

The clinic offers treatment for various ailments, with herbal remedies as well as homeopathic medicines. Patients can reach out to her for any problem that can be solved with herbal medicine. Dr. Bilquis Sheikhs’ complete contact information is available, as well as essential information. You can call for a doctor’s appointment or go to the hospital or clinic at the listed address. It can help you get a more accurate diagnosis and treatment for your ailment. Dr. Bilquis Sheikh’s contact information and consultation hours are available. Other City & Hospital doctors and consultants can also be found here.

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