Dr.Bilquis Sheikh

Dr. Bilquis Sheikh


Dr. Bilquis Sheikh was born in Chitral, Pakistan’s northern region, and she developed an interest in herbs at a young age. She earned a degree in Alternative Medicine Doctor (AMD) from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and a degree in homoeopathy from Pakistan in 2005. Through study and invention in herbs, she rose to become one of Pakistan’s most renowned herbalists. Dr. Bilquis Sheikh founded Naturalize in 2009, a company that focuses on herbal products and formulations to provide high-quality herbal medicine. To promote people’s health and wellbeing through the use of herbal medicines and homeopathy as a natural cure for ailments. It is recognized as an effective and harmless system of medicine in the world.

A holistic approach to medicine is a natural alternative treatment for ailments. It can be used to promote health and wellbeing of the people.

dr bilquis sheikh - well known homeopathic and naturopathic practitioner

Dr. Bilquis has developed a number of herbal formulas which are used for their anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory & nerve soothing properties. Her products are widely popular in Pakistan and also across the globe

In Karachi, Dr. Bilquis Sheikh is a well-known homoeopathic and naturopathic practitioner. She not only consults individuals seeking natural cures, but she also works on a variety of clinical and research projects. Dr. Bilquis is one of the most well-known and accomplished homoeopaths in history. She does, however, have a popular YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers where she shows how to make home cures for skin and hair problems. But there are a lot more of them on her channel, which has the most interactions of any channel (she has over 4,5 million subscribers) and features some type of Asian beauty stuff.  She has her own line of herbal products that are all natural and can be used for skin and hair care needs.


Dr. Bilquis is an expert in his field. Her DHMS and RHMP is already complete. She also has a master’s degree in herbal medicine. She’s also the recipient of a Consumer Choice Award.


Dr. Bilquis Sheikh is a well-regarded doctor with over 13 years of expertise in her industry. She is currently employed at Naturalize Kare & Kure Homeo & Herbal Clinic, with offices in DHA and Gulshan Abad.

Special Interests

 Dr. Bilquis Sheikh uses her experience in the medical field to create a line of affordable herbal products that are all natural. These products are made in small batches and are carefully crafted to ensure consistent quality.


Cupping Therapy Hair & Skin Treatments Medication P.R.P Reiki Master Therapy Locations: Switzerland Cupping Therapy Hair & Skin Treatments Medical Treatment are the services provided by Bilquis Sheikh.

Her professional career encompasses several disciplines that I am familiar with, such as skincare and hair care, infertility and weight reduction, arthritis and mental weakness, and many others that I have adapted. She became famous for my treatments for a variety of health disorders that could not be cured without surgery, such as piles and infertility concerns in both genders.

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