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Product Description

Homoeopathic medicine generally used to treat growth problems, to promote bone mineralisation and during breast-feeding.

How to Use

To be taken orally. Chew or dissolve pellets in a small quantity of water, preferably between meals. Dosage For adults: take 1 teaspoonful 3 times per day. For children: take half a teaspoonful 3 times per day. For children under 30 months: dissolve pellets in a small amount of water.


Natrum sulfuricum 3 D Silicea 3 D Calcarea carbonica 2 D Calcarea iodata 4 D Calcarea phosphorica 2 D Natrum phosphoricum 2 D Magnesia phosphorica 2 D Ferrum phosphoricum 2 D Rubia tinctoria 2 D Juglans regia pulvis 2 D Packaging Tub of pellets (350 g)
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