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Acne Treatment (with Acne Face wash)

  • Acne Gel
  • Acne Cream
  • Acne Soap
  • Acne facewash
  • B-Clean Syrup (Jumbo pack)
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Anti Ageing Pack (for Oily Skin)

• Gold Mask • Anti Ageing Cream • Anti Ageing Soap
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Freckle /Pigmentation/Melasma Treatment Package

  1. Freckle Cream (New )
  2. Freckle Powder
  3. B Clean Syrup (Jumbo Pack)
  4. Silver Mask
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Naturalize Anti Ageing Pack (for Dry Skin)

Naturalize Anti Ageing Pack Rs.2250 (for Dry Skin) Product of Dr Bilquis Shaikh • Anti Ageing Mask Powder (Sada Bahar Mask) • Anti Ageing Cream • Anti Ageing Soap
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Naturalize Happy Winter Pack

Product of Dr Bilquis Shaikh • Whitening Cream • Sun block • Milk & Honey Lotion • Lip Balm
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Treatment Package (Open Pores / Black & White heads )



Pomegranate Mask

Whitening Spray Skin Pore Cleaner Facial Scrub

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Whitening Treatment


Fairness Face Wash:

Naturalize ALH oil control fairness face wash gives brighter and fairer skin tone with daily cleansing effectiveness. It’s a cleanser and whitening face wash with high strenght formula contains vitamin C, E & B3 deep cleanses the skin, remove impurities, lightens/whitens skin tine naturally. It’s gentle formula clears the skin, leaving it hydrated.


Apply a small amount of face wash to face and gently massage. Rinse well and  follow with ALH whitening cream. Use morning and night to brighter & whiter complexion.

Whitening Cream:

Light your Skin up to Brighten your Beauty

Whitening Glowing Powder:

Whitening Glowing Powder


Glowing Powder One Spoon After Breakfast with You Can Drink Grapes Syrup. Orange Juice or Milk When You Takes Dose Your Fairness Growth Slow Slow.
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