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After Wax Mask

After Wax Mask

Aloe Vera Soothing Lotion

It is a soft textured lotion that is ans excellent remedy for irritated and inflamed skin mainly due to soothing and calming action of aloe vera extract, eucalyptus and tea tree oil to help soothe, heal, relive and refresh dry skin. It stimulate healthy growth of skin and heals up scares and dam age skin.


Apply on face and neck massage untill fully absorbed. Use for soothing/healing during facial and other treatment as after waxing, bleaching, scrubing or mask application highly recommended anti inflammatory.

Suitable Skin Conditions:

Normal Dry and combination Skin


D.I. water, glycerin, better alcohol, cetylesters, ceteareth 20 cetyl alcohol, glycoryl stearate, stearic acid, bees wax, lanolin, aloe vera leaf juice, cucumber extract, euclyolus extracts dimethicon witch hazel extract, mint oil canphare, propylenglycol grlyeed, carbomor jermaben, fragrance. Net Wt. 175 ml  

Halawa Wax

Naturalize product are artfully blended with botanical extracts that help you look and feel more beautiful so you"ll feel confident. Citrus Halawa Finger wax with for the removing of unwanted Hair the easily comfortable procedure is finger Halawa wax. if at can apply in the early age untimately shopping the regrowth of unwanted hairs completely. Most of ladies use razor blade for shaving off unwanted hair which is very dangerous.Continuous use of razor blade turns hair and skin into truck and rough surface resulting in the increased growth of the hair which caused the application of this procedure during a weak. So ladies the only solution to all the above mentioned problems in the form of finger Halawa wax its regular use show hair out after a long period and growth of hair comes a soft. The finger Halawa wax can be used on any part of the body including face also there force it is not harmful for skin at all.


In summer keep in a cool place. In winter put the bottle in warm water a little before use. Use weekly for best results.

Suitable Skin Conditions:

Suitable in all skin conditions, Sensitive skin use Cautiously.


  • 100% botanicals. 100% Tested and certified. 100% No side effects.
  • For professional use only or advised by beauticain/cosmologist.
  • Suitable for all skin types, do not use on wounds or porn skin.
  • Wash your hands before use, apply only on cleansed skin.
  • If skin imitation occurs discontinue use and wash with clean water.