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Breast Cream

We creates herbal products that all are natural, without side effects and are hand-crafted with care, we start by selecting the finest organic herbs and ingredients from all around pakistan and take special care to ensure the final products meets with highest of standards.

Active Ingredients:

  • Ephedra
  • Fennel Essential Oil
  • Chimaphilla
  • Sabal
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Sea Buck Thron Oil

Breast Oil


Conceive Powder


Dhamasa Capsules


Female Tonic

Herbal Formula Female Supportive Remedy


  • Helps cure menstruation problems, leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea and other female diseases.
  • Gives vitalily to female organs.
  • Gortifies nerves and provides vitality during and, after convalescence.
  • Provides strength to brain, heart and other vital organs.
  • Provides resistance against diseases.
  • Restore emotional balance.
  • Gives new strength and vitality.
  • Ensure early recovery from illness.


  • Relaxation and sedation purpose
  • Tonic, diuretic.
  • Useful for female with menses clotted blood pains are cramping.
  • Insomnia.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Promote hemoglobin cell.
  • Enema and mammary tonic.
  • Iron deficiency and Anaemia.
  • Bleeding control during menses.
  • Stomachic tonic.
  • Brain Tonic.


Each 10 ml contains: Valeriana                                           140mg Demiana                                            160mg Chamomilla                                      240mg Cincona baar                                    20mg Withaina som                                   520mg Amomum sun                                   10mg Fertum met                                       0.05ml Symplocos racemosa rorb             100mg Terminalia chebula                        4mg Lecithinum                                      4mg


  • One tablespoonful three times a day or as prescribed by the physician.
  • It is best taken before meals.

Nervous Debility (اعصابی کمزوری)

ایک چمچہ دودھ میں ملا کر رات کے کھانے کے بعد استعمال کریں۔

Remedy For Uric Acid

ایک کپ گرم پانی میں ایک چمچ پاؤڈر مکس کریں پھر پوری رات رکھ دیں اور صبح نہار منہ پی لیں۔

Safoof-e-Fat (Motapa Safoof)

ایک چمچہ صبح و شام سے پہلے قہوہ بنا کر پیئں۔

Under Legs & Under Arms Cream


V – Lift Cream

ویجائنہ میں لگائیں پھر اس کو ایسی چھوڑ دیں اور صبح واش کر کیں۔

V-Tightening Spray

Naturalize V-Tightening Spray


  • WORKS INSTANTLY-Tightens the vaginal walls instantly with a few sprays
  • PROVEN TO NATURALLY TIGHTEN VAGINAL WALLS-Made from all natural ingredients that are Clinically Proven to Tighten the Vagina
  • ELIMINATES ODOR-Naturally cleanses the vagina by killing odor causing bacteria
  • ENHANCES PLEASURE-A firmer grip increases sensation and sensitivity
  • 100% RISK FREE